About Us

Sunset Home Veterinary Care is staffed by compassionate veterinarians who believe in responsible pet ownership for the entirety of life. We are leading a movement to improve the standard of care given to pets in their golden years and know that sometimes this takes longer than your veterinarian can provide in the consulting room. It also often takes more than one professional to achieve the best health care outcomes. Have you got questions about physiotherapy, acupuncture or other alternative treatments? Do you want access to the best cancer specialists or internal medicine consultants? Let our veterinarians put you in touch with the right people for your pet. 

Our business was created in response to client demand for a home visit veterinarian who could service the pets of South East Queensland when they most need it. This demand continues to grow as owners recognise the benefits of in-home care. Our staff have a minimum of 5 years clinical experience and do this work because they believe in the cause. Many of them continue to work as general veterinary practitioners day to day and devote much of their spare time to being with you out of hours. We are a company with heart and you can read more about our company values here.