Our Values

Despite a day job which involves supporting families through end of life decisions, Sunset Home Veterinary Care founder, Dr Jackie Campbell is staunchly against euthanasia for young and healthy pets. She is a vocal supporter for early desexing initatives, has previously been involved in stray dog sterilization programs internationally and continues to advocate for the thousands of unwanted pets in our refuges and shelters nationwide.

Our team actively supports the Pets in the Park initiative with our veterinarians regularly donating their expertise to help people experiencing homelessness in our communities continue to care for their much loved pets.  

We also applaud the work of Vets Beyond Borders and recognise their ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life of so many animals around the world. If you are looking for a unique way to memorialise your pet’s life, please consider a donation to Vets Beyond Borders - 'a world of better health for animals and people'.