Euthanasia and Cremation Options

Sunset Home Veterinary Care has veterinarians able to service the greater Brisbane area and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Travel outside of these areas can also be arranged for families in need. Please call our office to discuss. 

We know that the decision to farewell a friend is not one that any pet owner makes lightly. Whether this is the first time you've had to deal with a decision of this nature or whether you've done this before but are wanting to ensure the most peaceful goodbye for your loved one, our team will help you understand your all options and are here to support you through. 

As we have found that most visit requests are made for times when the whole family can come together, our veterinarians predominantly make themselves available for evening and weekend appointments. Whilst we will endevour to respond to same day requests wherever possible, we service clients for whom euthanasia is a planned and considered decision. If your pet requires more urgent medical attention please contact your local veterinarian or pet ER. 

In Home Euthanasia Visit by our Vets

For owners who have elected for home burial.

Please note - council restrictions do apply however home burial is allowed in most regions. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Price $330. 


In Home Euthanasia Visit and Patient Transfer                                          

Vet visit and transport to one of our providers for group burial or group cremation (aftercare). For owners who do not wish for return of ashes.            

Price $330 + Aftercare Fees ($120-$150).

Our veterinarians are equiped with professional transport stretchers but will need assistance to lift heavy patients. 


In Home Euthanasia Visit and Private Cremation

Vet visit and full private cremation service including individual cremation, your choice of urn and return of ashes.

Price $330 + Crematorium Fees.

Cremation fees vary depending on your wishes but typically range from $300 - $400. Please get in touch for further information on your options.

Note: We work with all local pet crematoriums and understand that this choice is an important one. Please advise if you have a prefered provider. Formal funeral ceremonies and referral to a registered pet cemetary can be arranged upon request.