Palliative Care

Palliative care is an emerging field of veterinary medicine. It refers to the ideals of ensuring patient comfort, providing access to specialised health care and supporting caregivers through the difficulties of end of life decision making.

Here at Sunset Home Veterinary Care, we specialise in this field. We want to give all pets the opportunity to access this kind of care and know that often, signs of illness and discomfort can be subtle. If you're not sure if your pet is as comfortable as possible, why not schedule us for an in home visit today.

Our consultations are much more than a regular doctors appointment. We take the time to evaluate your pet, look at their previous medical history and consider your goals / expectations for their care. Our vets will not only treat your pet but will provide recommendations on all aspects of care including the home environment, nutrition, hygiene and bedding, senior pet aids and your daily exercise regime. We will discuss whether physio's or acupuncturists may be of benefit and arrange the referals. We will review your pets current medications, liase with your regular veterinarian and advise you of the latest treatment options. And we have access to a network of veterinary specialists such as internal medicine and cancer specialists so if we don't know it, we will put you in touch with the people who do.

In home palliative care consultation 

  • Review of previous medical history and current medications

  • In home discussion about your concerns and goals of treatment

  • Full veterinary examination and health check

  • Review of the home environment and current care routines

  • Formulation of a management plan including instruction on diet, exercise, hygiene, mobility, etc

  • One on one training and support for any required home treatments such as bandage and wound care, delivery of subcutaneous fluids, giving injections, etc 

  • Referral to other health professionals we feel may further help you if required

  • Support and advice for what to do as your pet's condition changes

  • Recognition of pain how best to respond

  • Discussion about quality of life concerns and preparation for end of life 

Price $165


* Revisit appointments will be tailored to your indiviudal pet's needs and ongoing costs will be discussed during the formulation of your treatment plan. We promise to never over service and want you to be in complete control of your pet's care.