What To Expect From Your In Home Euthanasia Visit

The decision to say goodbye is always difficult but it doesn't have to be frightening. At Sunset Vets, we approach this appointment with your pet's individual needs as the guiding force for all that we do. It may be that they feel more comfortable in a certain part of the house or perhaps their happy place is under a tree in the backyard? We've even performed these visits in open spaces such as at the beach or a favourite park. Whatever your preference, this day is about them and about the lives they have touched. Our team aim to have already helped you make all the necessary decisions regarding your pet prior to your appointment day. This may include helping you to select your urn if applicable and we will happily liase with your regular veterinarian both before and after your visit should the situation require it.

At your scheduled appointment time, your vet will arrive with all the equipment needed to make your pet comfortable. A home visit will usually take between 30 and 60 minutes however this greatly depends on you and your family. There is no upper limit on the time allocated for your consultation. First, we will administer a sedative and analgesic (pain relieving) injection under the skin which means that even the most nervous of patients remain calm. At this point your vet will ensure all your questions are answered and that you are ready before administering a dose of anaesthetic to send them to sleep. You are able to stay with your pet at all times and can be assured that this process is both peaceful and painless.

Your veterinarian will carefully assess that your pet has passed and at this point, many owners like to take some time alone with their pet. When you are ready we will assist you with your home care wishes or transport your pet to one of our personally vetted crematoriums. We only work with businesses that we know will treat your pet with dignity and care. If you have chosen to have your pets ashes returned to you, the crematorium will make contact to confirm your instructions and arrange the return. We provide follow up grief support as required to all our clientele and encourage you to stay in touch with the Sunset Vets community over the coming weeks and months. We're with you for as long as you need!