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As Australia's largest network of palliative care vets, we're on a mission to change the way we care for pets at the end of life. Whilst veterinary care is rapidly advancing, end of life care is an area that deserves more of our attention. The Sunset Advocacy program is designed to empower everyday people to spread awareness of the importance of palliative care, helping to ensure more pets are recieving appropriate pain management and that families are well supported during this difficult time. The benefits of palliative care are immeasurable and many of our past clients will attest to the difference our palliative team were able to make to their pets final moments. The program allows those who passionately believe in what we do to connect with us and utilise our educational resources as well as their own networks to ensure more people are aware of their pet care, and in particular end of life care, options.

We believe in a world where more pets have access to this kind of care and every little bit of support we can get helps. If you’re interested in supporting our mission, click here to fill in your email and we’ll send you our free Ambassador Handbook and access to our ambassador resources.